The Day School Board develops the philosophy, procedures and policies necessary for the operation of the school and is made up of Day School parents and/or church members who are elected at the church Annual Meeting. The Board supports the administration and is responsible for the creation and maintenance of a sound fiscal policy for the school. Additionally, the Board works to strategically align long-range plans for growth with the needs of the community. Board subcommittees include Personnel, Long-Range Planning, and Finance, as well as representation on the church Buildings & Grounds committee.


Board Members:

  • Katrina Minno, Co-Chair
  • Theresa Wright, Co-Chair
  • Kristy Castelluccio
  • Courtney Cronk
  • Gwen Howard
  • Amy LoPiccolo
  • Mark Russo
  • Maureen Schwartz
  • Steve Viola

Day School Treasurer: Kelly Cuomo

Rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church: Rev. Marco G. Serrano