The two-year-old program at St. Paul’s Day School is designed to give children their first learning experience in a school setting. St. Paul’s strives to provide a warm and nurturing environment for two year olds during their most impressionable early years, where they can develop a sense of independence as well as socialize with their peers. Each day we provide art, music, social and physical activities with an age appropriate curriculum in mind. A wonderful well-built playground, with many new amenities, allows young children to explore and develop their large motor skills. Our colorful, child friendly classrooms are full of toys, books, puzzles, art materials, and musical instruments. We offer your children everything needed for a successful yet fun first exposure to school.

Children turning two-years-old by October 1st are eligible to register at our school.


Our daily routine gives children the comfort and security they need to explore and grow! The teacher welcomes and then encourages the children to take off their own backpacks and jackets when they arrive, and to hang up their jackets. Each child has a choice to use his or her imagination and have a tea party in the kitchen area, use blocks to build a city for dinosaurs, or dress-up to be a ballerina, doctor or fireman! The children may also choose to sit at the table with bristle blocks, puzzles or playdough. Kneading playdough, at the table with their classmates not only develops a child’s fine motor skills, but it can open up conversations between the teacher and children, too! Shapes, colors, and nursery rhymes are introduced to the children throughout the year in the crafts and art projects that the children do, and in the stories that are read. Numbers are introduced at snacktime when counting goldfish or crackers. Transitions from room to room are eased by using seasonal songs and fingerplays.


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