The Fours Program at St. Paul’s consists of either full day or half day morning or afternoon choices.  Our program follows the Creative Curriculum approach of hands on learning through the use of age appropriate manipulatives and play.

During the year the children are exposed to letter sounds through the use of ‘The Letter People’ puppets. This program enables the children to phonetically sound out words and prepares them to read. Fine motor skills are developed through cutting, tracing and letter formation in preparation for the next step, kindergarten.


Our extensive math program exposes the children to counting, patterning, simple graphs, sorting, classifying and number sense.  This program is a hands on approach through the use of age appropriate manipulatives.

We offer science throughout the fours program. Children study the seasons, weather, animals, plants, dinosaurs and much more. Music and Art classes are also included as are visits to our own St. Paul’s children’s library.


Health and safety are emphasized during the year. Fire safety is discussed in the Spring followed by a trip to the Westfield Firehouse.

Parents are encouraged to come into the classroom as guest readers and for holiday parties.  Several field trips are offered during the year that include parent participation. The Mother’s Day Tea is a very special occasion where the children sing to their mothers and serve them refreshments.

Learning in the fours program combines fun, play and academics for an enriching early childhood experience.

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