All of us at St. Paul’s Day School are dedicated to providing exciting and enriching classrooms where learning is fun and children are known and valued. Our faculty of nearly 30 teachers are professionals with tender hearts who strive to create positive learning experiences for children. Our head teachers all have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with some form of  Certification in Early Childhood/Elementary Education in New Jersey. Some of our assistant teachers are also New Jersey Certified teachers while others have their CDA (Child Development Associate), Associate or Bachelor’s Degrees. All of our staff continues to educate themselves in early childhood education each year in professional workshops to keep up to date with the latest pedagogy.

All staff is regularly trained in CPR, First Aid and in the use of the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) for both children and adults.

Staff Member Role(s) Email
Amanda Reardon Director
Galadriel Hasbrouck Assistant Director
Betsy Belden Kindergarten Head Teacher
Carol Fahrenthold Kindergarten Teacher
Rachel Manzo Kindergarten Teacher
Stephen Papa Kindergarten Assistant Teacher
Sue Coccaro Kindergarten Assistant Teacher
Maggi Jairdullo Kindergarten Assistant Teacher
Lisa Pasternak Kindergarten Assistant Teacher
Holly Stefanik Kindergarten Student Teacher
Barbara McMahon Junior Kindergarten Teacher
Amy Cabral Junior Kindergarten Assistant Teacher
Lisa Mola Fabulous Fours Head Teacher
Colleen Ceraso Fabulous Fours Teacher
Karen Lack Fabulous Fours Teacher
Lynn Pritti Fabulous Fours Teacher
Kelly Costelloe Fabulous Fours Assistant Teacher
Jane O’Donnell Threes Adventures Head Teacher
Marlene Kalaigian Threes Adventures Teacher
Sue Koket Threes Adventures Teacher
Carolyn Melillo Two-and-a-Halfs & Threes Adventures Teacher
Laura Higginbotham Threes Adventures Assistant Teacher
Susan Jones Threes Adventures Assistant Teacher
Barbara Yuhas Threes Adventures Assistant Teacher
Regina Colasanti Threes Adventures & Enrichment Assistant Teacher
Mary Ann Hill Two-and-a-Halfs Teacher
Liz Pinheiro Time for Twos Teacher & Enrichment Assistant
Annie Okas Enrichment Teacher
Trish Mosco Floater
Lynn Cacici After Care Teacher
Bina Desai After Care Teacher
Elsa Meiner After Care Teacher
Chrissy Mosco Permanent Substitute
Jen Offerman Substitute
Jessica Fineburg Substitute

St. Paul’s Day School & Kindergarten

Providing a nurturing & caring environment for the education of the children in our community since 1957.

Offering programs for 2.5, 3, & 4-year-olds, plus Junior and Full Day Kindergarten.